Jay & Tony





Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh (aka The Jay & Tony Show) have made a career out of taking bold ideas and making them fun, fresh and, most importantly, relatable.

The two began collaborating at UC Berkeley, where either both of them or one of them graduated with honors, depending on who you ask. While at school, they wrote and edited for Concrete Magazine - The Journal of the College of Environmental Design, conducted interviews for BAM (Bay Area Music) Magazine and wrote, produced and directed the comedy short, The Off-White House.

After graduation, they wrote the self-help, comedy classic Sponging: A Guide To Living Off Those You Love, which was published by HarperCollins. The sarcastic treatise became a rallying cry for couch-surfers the world over and garnered international attention, including multiple options for the movie rights. Although a feature film was never made, Jay’s father still holds out hope. But let’s face facts, he always coddled his oldest son a bit too much.

Their second book, The Groom’s Secret Handbook: How Not To Ruin The Best Day Of Her Life, was published by Simon and Schuster. The book attracted a similar, rabid following with people who buy their books at Urban Outfitters. Jon Favreau optioned Jay & Tony’s feature film treatment, based on the book. The romantic comedy was never made, because Favreau instead decided to direct some dude named Will Ferrell in a film about an elf. Whatever.

The duo branched out into the world of music. Their band Too Much Joy, got signed to Giant/Warner Music and toured the globe, while putting out six critically acclaimed albums. Jay & Tony directed music videos for such disparate acts as Downthesun, Choppa Boyz, The Murderdolls and The Flaming Lips.

Their first major project as The Jay & Tony Show was the award-winning documentary Small Town Ecstasy, for HBO films.

This is where the montage of the early days of The Jay & Tony Show kicks in. So please, sit back and imagine an alt-rock song with a driving beat and lyrics that are slightly unintelligible so as not to overpower what is being seen. Now picture a company starting to grow, office space being leased, employees being hired, and Jay & Tony rolling up their sleeves to emphasize the hard work and their dislike of short sleeve shirts that call attention to their meager biceps.

Now as the chorus soars, you are hit with captivating images of groundbreaking content... just enough to show their range… The Chelsea Handler Show (E!)… Here Comes The Newlyweds (ABC)… The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliot (UPN)… Restaurant Stakeout (Food Network)… Music Behind Bars (VH1)… Dane Cook’s Tourgasm (HBO)… Gigolos (Showtime)... Life On A Wire with Nik Wallenda (Discovery)…

Sure, there is more, but why overwhelm. Look at our projects page at your leisure.

For the past 4 years, Jay & Tony have recorded The Jay & Tony Show Show, a podcast which has become a television industry must listen. It’s a podcast that trade publication Reality Blurred called “insightful, candid, and surprisingly honest for people who work in an industry that prides itself on feasting on its own bullshit while insisting it is chocolate-covered caviar.”

Jay & Tony have never been satisfied staying in one lane and are simply incapable of making cookie cutter content on any level. Jay once had to be hospitalized when merely pitched a show that used the phrase “this meets that.” Truth be told, Tony considered pursuing the project. He has two mortgages.