#166 – From Small Town to Prime Time

This special guest explains how she went from 0 to hosting broadcast TV in 60 seconds. Well, not 60 seconds...the Southwest flight took several hours.

#158 – Viewer Mail

You asked the questions, now we're answering them. Oh. And our assistant got kicked out of Soho House. WTF.

#157 – 10-Minute TV

Jeff Katzenberg, we need to talk. Other topics include the douchery of manspreading, Brits, and the art of lining in the now (for $16).

#156 – Comparing Penises

Do Jay & Tony actually pull 'em out during this episode??? Don't ask me...Have HR's number saved on your speed dial and listen up!

#153 – Yuman Nature

The guys discuss Facebook TV, Jay's weird way of saying words beginning with the letter H, and putting small animals down to rest

#152 – The Streak is Dead

Finally reunited after a couple of weeks, the guys discuss looking for differences vs similarities in people, automatic OOO email replies, and the few people of Guam that listen to our podcast

#146 – Live From the Edit Bay

Coming to you live, it's Jay & Tony Edit Bay Live! Welcome to the world of comedy post-production, where stories come to life.

#135 – NUDE: The Movie

When there is a movie about naked girls getting their pictures taken, it needs to be discussed